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camera specs explained techhive

camera specs explained techhive

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Feature Digital Camera Jargon ExplainedMegapixelISOShutter LagFocal LengthDigital ZoomA friend of mine recently went shopping for a digital camera but walked out of the store empty handed.It wasn't that she couldn't find one; there were enough in the store to build a three-bedroom house entirely out of cameras.The problem was that she was overwhelmed by the terminology and didn't feel she knew enough to make a smart choice.The little placards they put in front of the cameras on the store shelves use all sorts of terms not found anywhere else in the universe,like megapixel,ISO,and digital zoom.ShSee more on techhiveChoosing the right kind of digital camera TechHivePicked by TechHive's Editors. Camera specs explained; You'll want to find a camera with features built for what you'll use the camera for.For example,a lethargic camera that takes too results for this questionWhat are the average megapixels for a digital camera?What are the average megapixels for a digital camera?For most people,a digital camera capable of at least 3 or 4 megapixels seems to be a popular choice.This provides enough resolution to print a pretty nice 4 x 6 snapshot without breaking the bank.Of course,as technology improves and prices come down,a growing number of people are experimenting with 5 megapixel and up.How Many Megapixels Does My Digital Camera Need? - TFPSoft results for this questionWhat do megapixels mean to a camera?What do megapixels mean to a camera?In the simplest terms,the megapixelrating is the total number of pixels that willmake up and image captured by a camerasensor.To get the total number of pixels,you simply multiply the number of horizontal pixels by vertical pixels.For instance,a 3008 x 2000 sensor in my Pentax K100 DSLR equates to six megapixels.Why Megapixels Do and Don't Matter For Cameras - Tech for

results for this questionWhat type of sensor is a digital camera?What type of sensor is a digital camera?Two main types of sensors are used in digital cameras today CCD (charge-coupled device) and CMOS(complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) imagers.Although each type of sensor uses different technology to capture images,these sensors have no inherent quality difference.The Different Types of Digital Camera Image Sensors - dummiesCamera shopping quick tips TechHive

Match megapixels to your use Most point-and-shoot cameras offer a resolution of at least 5 megapixels,which is overkill for producing 11-by-14-inch prints.Cameras with more megapixels will yieldCamera specs explained TechHiveIf you intend to take pictures only to e-mail them to distant friends,upload them to sharing sites,or print them at snapshot size,a camera of most any resolution will do.Even so,having more pixels gives you greater flexibilityyou can print sharper pictures at larger sizes or crop and print small sections of pictures.These days,it's hard to find a camera with a resolution of less than 10 megapixels,which is overkillImage QualityShutter Lag and Startup TimeSize,Weight,and DesignZoom Lens and Image StabilizationRaw ModeManual FocusStorageBattery LifeMovies and SoundExposure SettingsMenusCameras with larger sensors and lenses normally take better shots,regardless of the unit's megapixel count.Bigger sensors normally create better images,especially in low light,as do higher-quality lenses; this is why DSLRs take such stunning photos.In general,you pay more for a larger sensor.If you can't get any hands-on time with a camera before deciding whether to buy it,check the specs to see how big its sensor is.It's not the only piece of hardware that factors into a camera's oveSee more on techhiveThe Camera Specs That Matter TechHiveCameras Specs That Don't Matter.Photograph by Robert Cardin.Digital zoom Digital zoom technology is getting better,but a cameras digital zoom, enhanced zoom, intelligent

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Camera specs explained Buying a digital camera isn't all about megapixels.We'll translate the jargon and tell you just how important each specification is to your purchase. TechHive helps you Huawei P40 All the new camera technology explained ·The number of cameras a DVR can handle is defined by the number of channels it has.Standard DVRs range from 4 channels (4 cameras) up to 16 channels (16 cameras) and more.The DVR does not supply power to the cameras,as a separate wire is run from the camera to an external power supply.DVR Storage Resolution ExplainedPeople also askWhat are the specs of a digital camera?What are the specs of a digital camera?TYPICAL DIGITAL CAMERA SPECS By Resolution 5 MPix 2400 x 1800 pixels @300 ppi = 6 x 8 print 3 MPix 2048 x 1536 pixels @300 ppi = 5.12 x 6.827print 2 MPix 1600 x 1200 pixels @300 ppi = 4 x 5.333 print 5 MPix 2400 x 1800 pixels @360 ppi = 5 x 6.667 print 3 MPix 2048 x 1536 pixels @360 ppi = 4.267 x 5.689 print 2 MPix 1600 x 1200 pixels @DIGITAL CAMERA SPECS

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Referring to image area,that specification tells you the size of the image that a camera can create in pixels.For example,an image that's 4000x3000 pixels is larger than one that's 2000x1500 pixels.Other Specs to Look For There are plenty of other specs that aretechhivetechhive8 Key Features for Your Surveillance Cameras - Electronic Aug 18,2013·8 Key Features for Your Surveillance Cameras Night vision is just one of many features youll want to consider when shopping for a surveillance cameratechhivetechhiveSome results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.12345Next

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Jul 23,2017·Making sense of it all Smartphone specs and terms explained By Adam Ismail July 23,2017 When shopping for a new smartphone,there are tons oftechhivetechhiveThermal Camera Specs You Should Know Before BuyingThe number of specifications listed for a thermal camera can be overwhelming when youre trying to find the right camera for your needs.Any spec in isolation wont tell you much about the camerainstead,its a combination of factors that determine a thermal imagers capabilities.All specs provide useful information,but here are the main ones you need to consider to ensure you techhivetechhiveUnderstanding IP Camera Specifications,What's Important ResolutionOther Things That Affect ResolutionSpecial Applications That Require Specific CapabilitySummaryThis is an important specification.In the old days,the resolution was measured in TV lines,and they used a TV test pattern to analyze the resolution.Today resolution is defined by the total number of pixels in the sensor or the horizontal and vertical pixels.Marketing people also use the term HD and 720p or 1080p,and most recently 4K.It can be very confusing.Heres what each of the terms means: Megapixel Camera This iSee more on kintronicstechhivetechhiveCamera lenses explained focal length,aperture ·Camera Specifications Explained This article gives a high-level overview of common camera specifications including focal length,aperature,depth of field,perspective,and more.by M.Yates on May 6,2018